Your Roommate Can Finish Me Off

“Please baby, don’t stop! I’m so close!” she moaned, “You’re fucking me so good!”

Eigthteen year old Julia writhed beneath her boyfriend. She lay in the bed at his dorm, her shoulder length black hair strewn wildly about her face. Her mouth open, gasping for breath as her chest heaved; accentuating her medium sized breasts. Her slim and toned body, glistening with sweat, was tense from the oncoming orgasm. But unfortunately for Julia, her boyfriend Kevin was no longer up to the task.

It was always like this. On the weekends they would usually go out to have some fun. They would go dancing, shoot pool, get drunk, and then head home for a good fuck. Typical college students. The sex was great, at least when it started. Kevin was a virile young college guy; in shape and attractive like her. He could rock Julia’s world for the first 20 minutes, but once he reached a certain point he could no longer maintain the intensity she needed to get off.

“I’m sorry babe,” he stammered drunkenly, “I would really like you to cum, but I can’t keep this up. I can go slow and wait for you if you think you can catch up?”

Julia sighed at the notion that this was somehow a race to the finish. She knew she was a bit difficult to please and she didn’t hate him for it, but still there was nothing worse than getting this close and having to finish herself off. Her orgasms were always so much better while being penetrated, so she desperately wanted him to keep pounding her. Sadly, this usually didn’t happen. Kevin pulled out, obviously exhausted, and laid next to her as she began working herself closer. He almost drifted off to sleep while mildly stroking himself at her side. He had a bit more to drink tonight than he was used too.

Just as she was resigning herself to this lesser version of satisfaction, the shower turned on in the shared bathroom of Kevin’s dorm. His dorm was split with 3 other students. One of them, Dom, was a soccer player and usually got home late, so she assumed it must be him. Then a terrible thought crossed her mind…

“Hey baby,” she whispered sexily.


“What about Dom?” she asked as innocently as she could.

“…What about him? He just got home?” he responded slowly, both confused and tired.

“He could get me there. It would be real quick, I could go in and come back when I’m ready to cum. I really want to cum with you inside me.” She moved close to him as she said this, stroking his chest and neck while talking in his ear.

Kevin lazily brought his hands up to rub his face, and started laughing slightly under his breath. “Wait,” he slurred “You want to fuck Dom? So you can cum with me? That’s crazy.”

This wasn’t the reaction she was expecting, but she supposed it could have been worse. She lay there silently for a moment and realized he was no longer masturbating. She though carefully about her next words, then she asked humorously “What baby, you don’t think he would?”

“It’s just insane babe, he wouldn’t, and you wouldn’t… you’re just… I don’t know, being stupid.” He said this even slower than before, with eyes closed while relaxing on his pillow.

He would be asleep any second. It’s true she had never done anything so crazy before. Kevin and her had joked about sleeping with other people, but it was always just a joke. They had been steady with each other for almost a year.

“God, it’s been a year,” Julia thought to herself, “Almost a full year since I’ve been fucked hard until I cum.”

She had been partially joking before, mostly just to tease Kevin. But now, she really wanted it. He didn’t say yes, but he certainly didn’t say no either. Could she really do it?

Julia lay there masturbating to the thought of fucking someone in the other room while her boyfriend lay asleep. It turned her on. It turned her on to think that she could sleep with two guys in one night, something she had never even thought about doing before. It turned her on to think that for once her boyfriend would go to sleep without an orgasm instead of her. It turned her on that she could just walk up to someone and fuck them!

After some time, Julia mustered the courage to stand up out of the bed. She looked back once at Kevin, dead to the world drunk, and slowly began walking towards the sounds of the shower. Once she reached the door she leaned closely and put her ear up to the frame. She could hear the water rush down the body inside; falling in small bursts upon the floor. She imagined what Dom must look like under the water, muscles still enlarged from a strenuous practice on the field.

She then realized she was completely nude, standing in the hallway of the dorm at the door to the bathroom. Any of the 3 other roommates could walk out at any time. This turned her on as well, and she realized she was wetter than she had been in a long time. This passion raged against all her better judgment and gave her the courage she needed to open the door.

She walked in slowly and took in the sight that was Dom. He was tall, definitely over 6′, with dark incredibly well defined muscles. His hair was cut very short and set well with his masculine and handsome face. His chest was large and strong, which lead downwards to nearly perfect abs, and lower towards…

“Oh my god, what a huge cock!” Julia thought to herself, she had never seen one that large before. “It must be 10 inches, and really thick…” His masculinity was overpowering. He made Kevin, an attractive man in his own right, look like a sissy by comparison.

At first Dom didn’t pay attention to the door opening, figuring it was just one of the guys up to use the toilet or brush their teeth. However, after he didn’t hear anything for a while, he turned and saw Julia’s stunning body watching him bathe through the clear curtain.

“What the hell?” he said softly with confusion and mild surprise.

“Don’t say anything,” she told him, as she stepped into the shower. She spoke to him slowly and deliberately, “Take me. I need to cum…. Very. Badly.” He smiled both shocked and appreciative of his luck. She reached out and grabbed his massive cock, “I’ve never been with someone like you before.” She began stroking him slowly, “I’m sure I won’t forget it.” She then leaned in and kissed him passionately.

He didn’t miss a beat, and quickly matched her intensity. He began running his hands across her incredible form. She was fit and tight, every curve of her was firm in his hands. Her breasts were the perfect size for her form, and were as perky as young breast can be. But her ass is what really riled him up. Once he felt that amazing piece of flesh in his hands he quickly picked her up and held her against the wall.

She moaned out in pleasure as her body was lifted off the ground and pressed so strongly between this rock and a hard place. She wrapped her legs around him and managed to keep stroking his cock between them. She wanted him inside her, but she knew she had to savor this moment. Besides, she had to catch him up to her, or she would be no better than Kevin.

“Put me down,” she said softly. He did so slowly, wondering if he had crossed a line somehow. But his fears were immediately relieved as she lowered herself to her knees. The falling water now drenched her hair and face as she looked up at him and his impressive dick. She moved forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue across the tip. He leaned back against the wall enjoying this new pleasure.

She wasted no time, and quickly began taking him deeper into her mouth. She caressed his balls with one hand while the other stroked the base of the shaft she had no hope of getting in her mouth. Not that she wasn’t trying. She was determined to please this man as she was sure he would please her. She had never tried so hard during a blowjob before, and as she realized this, it only made her more aroused. She purposefully pushed herself, gagging slightly with each thrust downward. He lightly held her head as she pleasured him, moaning with no thought of who might hear.

Julia had no idea how long she was on her knees. She was too excited to care about the hard tile floor, or the water running down her face which occasionally made it difficult to breathe. She remained focused on that cock for quite some time.

Eventually, Dom grabbed her by the shoulders and raised her up. Without a word he spun her towards the wall and pressed her chest against it. He then used his other hand to pull her waist out to him, bending her slightly against the cool, wet wall.

Then he entered her.

Julia moaned immediately, more powerfully than she ever had before. He was all the way inside. She was so worked up from the past half hour that it took no effort to take him as deep as he wanted. New parts of her came alive and she experienced an immediate pleasure unlike any man had ever given her before. She would have collapsed, if not for the strong arms and sturdy wall that was supporting her.

He began to thrust inside her, slowly at first but quickly increasing speed. “She wanted to be taken,” he thought, “Then that’s exactly what I will do.”

He set the pace, which was fast and hard. His muscles bulged with strength and passion as he fucked her hard against this shower wall. This hot girl, who he knew he had seen with his roommate, was completely losing herself to his cock. He felt powerful, and rightly so. He hadn’t had sex in quite a while, far to busy to date, and he took out his pent up desires on this girl. He was in absolute heaven.

So was she. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the pleasure overwhelmed her. She was yelling now, she was sure to wake Kevin. She tried to bite her lip, but there was no use. His grip was intense, so much so that she worried their might be bruises wherever he grabbed her. Her body was responding to the intense physical demand of fucking this incredible man. It was a work-out to say the least. Any minute she was sure she was going to break. And then it began to happen.

“Oh yes! Yes!” she screamed at him, “I’m going to cum! Fuck me harder!”

He took this cue and fucked her with all his might. He pounded her harder and harder, thrusting as deep as possible. His furious pace was animalistic, and they both rapidly approached climax. They both moaned loudly as simultaneous orgasms ran through them. Julia could feel an intense, explosive amount of semen rush inside her and fill her completely. Dom could feel every muscle in Julia’s pussy clench and tighten around his pulsing cock. Their orgasm was long and intense, lasting for what seemed an eternity.

As they both slowly came down from their high, Julia slumped to the floor, sitting under shower. Dom maintained his footing but leaned against the wall for stability. Both gasped for breathe and smiled deeply at each other. From this position, Julia was once again eye level with Dom’s most impressive feature. She leaned toward it, exhausted, and lightly kissed his cock all over.

It was a few minutes before either of them moved. Dom regained his composure first and exited the shower. He dried himself off, covered with a towel, and smiled one last time at Julia as he left the bathroom.

Julia took a few more minutes to compose herself. As she began to clean herself in the shower it dawned on her that Dom hadn’t used a condom. Of course, he couldn’t have. It wasn’t a problem as she was on birth control but she certainly hadn’t planned on him cumming inside her. Only Kevin had ever done that. This fact helped keep a smile on her face while she cleaned up.

Once again, she walked through the dorm stark naked back to Kevin’s room. There he lay, completely passed out, seemingly none the wiser. She crawled into bed and cuddled up next to him. As she did this he did briefly stir from his sleep.

“Oh, baby, did you cum?” he asked groggily.

“Yes, baby… I did.” she said softly with a smile.

“Good… I’ll get you next time, I promise.”

They both slept incredibly well that night.

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